If you think my undivided attention could help solve any problem you have, I’m particularly responsive to units of care. Broadly speaking, my undivided attention costs $25 per hour.

Feel free to send your requests to me at For the tutorial services, we can do them in person if you live near Sarasota, FL or Zoom.

Formal Services

Professional interdisciplinary research reports
I’ve written 20+ page papers that have placed 1st and 11th in a 99 hour international collegiate competition with 4800 and 3150 competing teams, respectively. They both were on topics that I was relatively unfamiliar with beforehand. I can crank out long or short detailed, professional reports for you on a variety of topics.

Web design
I can establish and design a website like this one for you.

Ethics consulting
I’ve deeply studied the complicated domain that is ethics and may be able to help you or your business through an ethical impasse. If we are just going to talk and you don’t need me to do more rigorous analysis and write a report, my services are free.

Coding instructor
I can guide you through the basics of Python to help you past the initial ruts of programming, which are the hardest. Once you have the basics down, programming becomes much more enjoyable, and it becomes easier to use programming to solve real problems in your life.

Triathlon coaching
I can set you up and coach you to achieve your triathlon goals. I was a collegiate triathlete at the United States Military Academy at West Point for nearly 2 years, training for over 12 hours/week most weeks, and I internalized much of the coaching knowledge of my national-class coach. You can pay more for an expensive certified coach, or you can pay 30% for the 90% solution, which is me.

Military train-up coach
I was the honor graduate of Army engineer dive school, which has one of the highest attrition rates in the US military. If you want to get through one of the US military’s elite, high attrition schools, or just make it through basic training, I can help you gain the conditioning you need to succeed.

Life Coach
I’ve dealt with my share of adversity. I’ll give you my undivided attention to hear about your aspirations, goals, and obstacles, and offer you my no-bullshit take on how I think you can best act.

Informal Services

Offload a pesky task
If there is any pesky, delegatable task you come across that you’d like to offload for $25 an hour, hit me up.

Find the best articles/guides/methods to teach you things
If you want to learn any skill or subject, I can do my best to find the best, most efficient guides to help you gain the level of mastery you seek. I’ll do all the pesky work of hunting for different books/videos/guides/methods out there, finding and comparing reviews of them, trying them out myself, and give you your best options.