Productivity Link List

Alexey Guzey’s Concise Thoughts on Productivity -A great place to start if you feel like you are not at peak productivity.

The Most Dangerous Writing App-“Don’t stop typing, or all progress will be lost.” This is a great tool to break through writing barriers and force yourself to make progress. Hemingway and Grammarly can also help you write better!

Last Pass -Logging in to websites quickly while maintaining secure passwords can be a huge time waster. Last Pass is a solution that I personally trust and Harvard does too. I just use a separate randomly-generated passphrase and a different two-factor authentication system for my email to spread my risk.

Rescue Time-There are so many distractions available today, such important work to do, and so little time. This app can help you track how you actually use your time so you can better hold yourself accountable for how you spend your time.

WorkFlowy -“WorkFlowy is a single document that can contain infinite documents inside it. It’s a more powerful, easier way to organize all the information in your life.” Some people swear by this, but personally, I prefer Standard Notes, as seen below.

Standard Notes– If WorkFlowy is not your thing or you want an encrypted alternative, Standard Notes seems to be the best option out there.D

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