My Army Train-Up

BLUF: This is a straight up brag (this is my own blog, after all) about how disciplined I was during the second half of my senior year before I enlisted. Perhaps I am childish for placating my ego and boorish for doing it here rather than, say, Instagram, but I think it’s healthy to acknowledge where we’ve excelled.  I also think overt signaling promotes a culture where covert signaling is recognized for what it is. People can then better separate unconscious signaling activities from those that are most important in the grand scheme of things.

Let it be known that while I waited approximately 6 months to ship off for basic training, I stopped driving to school and starting biking about 100 miles per week until I got hit by a car after a few months and my bike got destroyed.

I also almost always got in 20-30k steps a day with a combination of running, rucking, and extra walking. My most memorable part of my train-up was several times a week, throwing on my 40lb ruck, putting on ‘altitude’ training mask which strains breathing muscles, and rucking for 1-2 hours while listening to podcasts like SOFREP radio and Freakonomics. Mind you this is all in Florida, with much of it during the summer.

As I was training up for dive school as well, I was in the pool nearly every day, alternating between swimming, finning, treading with weight, and breath holding. I did pushups all throughout the day (even at school), and frequently ended the day with a long pushup/pullup/situp grind.

I also took weight lifting and team sports classes at school, which meant I either lifted or played some sport M-F. During lunch, I often ran on the track which was against the rules, but the school administration tolerated.

This training helped me earn a meritorious promotion to E-3 after Basic Combat Training, helped me pass the three-week diver selection course, which had an 86% attrition rate for my cycle, and helped me become the honor graduate of my 6-month diver phase 2 class.


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