Effective Self-Care Link List

BLUF: A periodically-updated consortium of links relating to improving one’s well-being and personal life.

James Clear– I’m partially allergic to the term “self-improvement”, which often just consists of the same not-even-wrong platitudes regurgitated repeatedly, but James actually has a bunch of decent, concise articles that I appreciate every so often.

How to Survive Being Attacked by Nuclear Missiles, in 60 Seconds– Good, concise advice.

NutritionFacts.org– Given all the problems and conflicting advice in nutrition science, I think most of us still have plenty of doubts about what constitutes a healthy diet. I am no expert, but I was obsessed about nutrition for a few months about 4 years ago, and I ended up trusting him and his website more than anyone else.

EFF Surveillance Self-Defense– If one can’t trust the Electronic Frontier Foundation, I am not sure who they can trust as a source for information about digital security. This is a good list of many topics relating to infosec.

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