EA Link List

EA HandbookΒ Β -A solid, moderate-depth introduction to the ideas surrounding effective altruism.

Global Priorities Institute Research AgendaΒ -A detailed, formal account of progress that has been made in the field of cause prioritization.

nickbostrom.com– Nick is a brilliant Oxford Philosopher with dozens of fascinating essays on important topics.Β  To my knowledge, he basically started the new field of study ofΒ existential risk.

robwiblin.comΒ -Rob Wiblin is a leader in effective altruism and has a great assortment of links on his site.

80,000 HoursΒ – In-depth guidance on making the right career choices to help solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Effective ThesisΒ -A collection of high-impact thesis topics that one could pursue.

Foundational Research Institute– A think tank focusing on mitigating extreme far-future suffering.Β  Amazingly, they are making progress and their papers on extremely interesting.

EA Global Talks -a number of lectures and talks from past EA global conferences.

EA Personal Blogs– A collection of personal blogs of effective altruists

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