Economic Policies that Optimize for Future People

BLUF: This isn't a profoundly deep postβ€”it just shows my current, general views on a variety of current economic issues. I do not believe future people are intrinsically less valuable than the people existing today. In fact, I think they might be more valuable because their lives will intrinsically be more worth living as their… Continue reading Economic Policies that Optimize for Future People

Understanding the True Cost of Land-Use Projects

Update: My team's paper earned the coveted Outstanding rating! Further, our paper won the Rachel Carson award, which "is presented to a team selected by the Head Judge of ICM Problem E for excellence in using scientific theory and data in its modeling." Over 4,800 collegiate teams from around the world were competing in Problem… Continue reading Understanding the True Cost of Land-Use Projects

The DoD can Further Optimize its Retirement System

BLUF: The DoD could probably save money, increase servicemember compensation, and better optimize talent management if it further increased TSP contributions while reducing 20-year retirement pensions. Introduction to the Military Retirement: For decades, the DoD had a retirement system where after 20 years of active-duty service (and upon leaving the service) a servicemember (SM) was entitled… Continue reading The DoD can Further Optimize its Retirement System

Risk-Tolerance is Not a Thing

Traditional finance literature says that individuals may choose theirΒ risk-tolerance in order to adequately model their financial preferences. A person who chooses a high-risk financial option is willing to deal with greater variability; a person who chooses a low-risk option prefers outcomes with low-variability. Underlying these notions is the idea that risk-tolerance is a stand-alone, unique,… Continue reading Risk-Tolerance is Not a Thing

Is Life Insurance Rational?

BLUF: Life insurance might be rational for many effective altruism-minded people, but the devil is in the details- that is, one's probable risk of death and the payout per cost of a plan. US military servicemembers are afforded the option of paying $29 a month for $400,000 in life insurance. The norm is that the… Continue reading Is Life Insurance Rational?

Possible Moral Trade Implementation

I've been thinking about Toby Ord's Moral Trade paper, and think a new Repledge website, which helped facilitate moral trade, is a desirable thing, legal questions aside. Here's the idea (edited with my own takes) for those unfamiliar: Create a website where people can donate to a cause, but where if someone else donates to… Continue reading Possible Moral Trade Implementation